Friday, 7 September 2012

Wearing My Gran's Clothes

     Travelling can be an expensive business, especially when you plan an excursion to Base Camp Everest that requires a large amount of specialized gear, which means borrowing or acquiring hand-me-down equipment is ideal for saving cash. So kindly my hiking expert of a Grandmother sorted me out with most of the essentials I needed for the long hike ahead.  She Loaded me with waterproof  hiking trousers, fleeces, a super soft lamb's wool jumper, mittens, gloves, socks, fisherman's wool hat and two handy sleeping bag liners.
     So as I followed in her footsteps (she trekked the Himalayas 10 years ago) across the beautiful Himalayan landscape I was actually fully dressed in all her apparel. You were with me every step of the way, Grannie, and this blog post is for you. Thank you for inspiring me to travel and see the world in all its wonder.

Looking out at Namche Bizarre

Tricky bridge from Pherice

Posing at Shomare Village

     Now that I finished the trek, it is time for me to send home the valuable equipment that I borrowed, and to donate the rest to Himalayan sherpas, for, in ten days, BHW and I will travel to India, where the gear is unneeded. And this means I can finally enjoy my most prized gift my Grannie gave me, her very special Indian made dress, that, as a child, I adored when she wore it. I will cherish it forever. 

Gran's Indian Dress

x HMS x

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Kelly-Marie said...

Wonderful Granny, wonderful you! That dress looks like it was made for you.
Cant wait to read part two.
Miss and love you like crazy. xxx