Saturday, 15 September 2012

Book Log...

The Great Gatsby -Stunning writing, I was dazzled and charmed from start to finish.

A walk in the Woods - Full of wit, I am now very much interested in walking the Appalachian Trail at some point.

The Alchemist -Not a book I would normally pick up due to it's religious content. But that's the joy of travelling, you start books that you would never normally try due to the limit of material available. Being the only English book on offer at a hostel on the Everest trek I gave the Alchemist a go. What I gained from it was a charming tale of never giving up on your dreams not matter how hard they might be to accomplish. 

"Anyone can work magic, anyone can reach his goals, if he can think, if he can wait, if he can fast".
Inspiring read from Hermann Hesse

Life of Pi - A magical tale that for me dragged a little in the middle, but the ending's twist made up for it.

What books are you reading? What is your favorite travel book?

I have just started reading Seven Years In Tibet by Heinrich Harrer.



Anonymous said...

<3 The Great Gatsby

Vintage Jane said...

Love the Alchemist ... an extract from it was read at our wedding. Glad to have found your wanderer's blog (I came over form Kelly-Marie's).

Sufiya said...

Meh, I wasn't impressed with "The Alchemist", but his book "Aleph" was much more interesting, being a true-life account of a personal spiritual experience/past-life encounter..

I came here from KM's blog, too, amazing to see someone doing something like this; something that I doubt I would ever undertake, despite the fact that I have had many remarkable inner experiences with Indian spirituality.

HMS said...
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HMS said...

Hi Vintage Jane,
So glad you came to visit via the wonderful Kelly - Marie, hope you continue to follow my blog x

HMS said...

Hi Sufiya,

I will have to hunt down 'Aleph' and give it a read thanks for the tip. Glad you found my blog through the delightful Kelly - Marie, I hope you continue to read my blog. I will be in Varanasi India by the end of the week so hopefully you will enjoy my India posts.


Kelly-Marie said...

Hannah so happy to see the above comments. <3
I love your book log's so much, I really want to read the Alchemist now. Great Gatsby is one of my all time faves. I
have just finished reading 'How to be a woman' by Caitlin Moran. It's sooo good you have to read it. I can send it to you if you want?
I also read Lady Chatterly's lover for the first time, oh it was so saucy and very beautifully written. None of this 50 shades of grey malarky for me. ;-) xxx