Thursday, 4 October 2012

My New Favorite Temple

     My new favorite temple is the inspiring Mata Mandir temple in Amritsar. The theater of the wondrous place is something truly special with its long mirrored walk ways, hidden grottoes, vivid shrines, ankle deep waterways, winding staircases and a tunnel replicating a mouth. The temple is captivating and makes you feel like you have entered into another world. 
     The temple was built in 1989 to commemoration the charitable work of Shrimati Lal Devi (pictured above), who devoted her whole life to the Gods and lived purely on fruit and milk. In 1994 she reached the ultimate state of nirvana and ever since she has been greatly respected, and women who wish to become pregnant travel to her temple and pray to her to ensure that they will be given the ultimate gift, a child.
     As I crawled on my hands and knees through the tunnels and waded my way across the waterways I fell deeply in love with the surroundings and felt more at home in this temple than any other temple  I have visited before.

Has anyone else been to this enchanting temple...?



Kelly-Marie said...

I wish! Oh wow it looks so so beautiful! Do you have to crawl through water!? So so amazing, what a special place. xxx

HMS said...

It was truly special, Kelly you would love it there. No you just walked through the water x

Anonymous said...

Looks magical Hannah! Love Rachel.C xxx