Friday, 11 January 2013

HMS Voyager Etsy Shop Now Open...

The Vision 

All products brought to you by HMS Voyager have been carefully sourced during world adventures. The goods have been purchased fairly from local traders in various areas to help support local economies as well as craft production, which stabilizes crucial foreign street markets but also gives my buyers the chance to procure fair-traded, unique and exclusively exotic items. 

HMS Voyager offers an array of antiques and modern day items that capture the style and beauty of the countries the creative director visits.  

Please take a look at my store here and start shopping for some truly unique items. 


Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Textile Shopping

      As you may know I am a patch work enthusiast. Thus while travelling in India I have been collecting patches and fabrics so when I return I can create a patch work quilt to commemorate my time spent away. Here is a little glimpse of the patches I purchased this week in the small little town of Hampi, south India.


The Train's of India

        Travelling across India is easy and affordable due to its extensive train network, which spans the whole country. Cool blue trains transport over 20 million people daily and are a true right of passage while exploring in India.
    I have spent over 100 hours roaring across this land in these trusted locomotives and have enjoyed every minute. This form of transportation is the best way to travel and meet local people, who's warmth and friendliness make every journey memorable.  Not to mention the entertaining by the countless circus acts happening on board, the tooth brush sellers proclaiming they have the best items and the constant chant of 'chai chai chai' from the tea pushers, who are there to remind you that, yes, you can buy chai on the train--possibility every minute throughout your travel. 
  The carriages are charming with their ice blue interiors and three story bed compartments that create almost enough beauty to make you forget about the dirt and cockroaches that fall from the sky. And as India passes you by beyond the open train windows, and as the mice run across your feet, and the families share their food with you,  and warm smiles are in abundance, you feel an ultimate love for the fellow passengers who you barely know. Then a cloud comes over you as you imagine a train journey in the western world, where the cabins are grey, nobody smiles, nobody talks and all you really desire is to hear the loud cries of 'chai chai chai'.