Thursday, 9 August 2012

New Travel Toys

    I promised myself after my last trip that I would invest in a good camera. During my last adventures I took a cheap point-and-shoot digital camera that took okay pictures but did not truly capture the vibrant colours or dreamy sunsets of the enchanted lands I visited. After heaps of research and visits to camera stores I opted for the Canon G12. It is a lightweight machine with image quality comparable to a DSLR. It is compact and does not attract attention, plus the price tag does not break the bank. My advice is to have a well preforming camera to document the truly once in a life time places you will visit.

New G12 Camera 

I believe another "must have" for a long trip is a netbook. On my last trip I travelled without a computer, which meant I had to spend a lot of time in crowded internet cafes. Not only did this bite into my daily travel budget but it also meant I had to prearrange skype calls with friends and family, which proved to be difficult. On the other hand, the ease of travelling with a computer means you can easily communicate with the world without spending money, for hostels and guesthouses always offer free wifi. If you have your own computer and operate a blog you can also type posts during long train journeys or when you're hanging in a hammock. I opted for the Asus X101CH because it is lightweight and only 10inches long! In the long run you will save money investing in a compact computer as internet cafes are expensive. 


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Kelly-Marie said...

Brilliant advice! Can not wait to see you later!!! xxxxx