Monday, 25 June 2012

HMS Voyager Shop

Vintage ditzy Floral Skirt     Vintage Pocket Watch Print Blouse

This week I have been as busy as a bee putting up items on my new Etsy Site: HMS Voyager Shop

I have been filling my days hunting down treasure at garage sales and rummaging in thrift stores. To be honest a dreamy day for me is the adventure of finding vintage treasures, the hard part is parting with them. I even ended up modelling my finds for the Etsy shop, so shoppers can see how the clothing can be styled, which meant a few items naturally became part of my own wardrobe. In the days to come, I will be finding more vintage wonders, and adding them to my store (hopefully they won't end up in my already over packed suitcase).  So, keep an eye out!


1 comment:

Kelly-Marie said...

LOVE!!! So much beautiful treasure. I'm sure you had to be strong with that ship lamp! It's amazing. xxx