Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Make a Travel Flag

     This week I bought myself a new rucksack for my forthcoming trip this August. The bag ticks all the boxes in terms of practicality and durability; however, it lacks in style. I tried to opt for the nicest colour, and ignored sneers from BHW oh how "colour is not important, it's how the bag performs." As an aesthetically-minded person, I find it very hard to not think about how things looks.  As soon as I returned home with my pack I began thinking about how I could make it prettier.  Promptly I started making my very own "HMS Voyager" flag to hang at the front of the bag. Now my bag looks interesting because I found a way to inject my personal style into an ordinary item.
     Below are some images on how I created my travel flag. Go on give it a go, style-up your own backpack.

I opted for EMS Women's Long Trail 60 . It has excellent back support which for me is super important due to my back problems. The bag also has lots of handy compartments, including storage at the bottom, which is ideal for a sleeping bag, and water bottle holders, as well as clips for hanging items (great for wet bathing suits that you don't want to put in with your dry clothes as you travel). 

I cut out a triangle shape for my flag from some scrap fabric.

I cut a ship from this super cool map fabric which captures the theme for my "HMS Voyager" flag. 

I sewed the ship onto my flag,  hand embroidered "HMS voyager," and fixed ribbons across the top for easy fastening to the bag.

Now I am excited to use my rucksack!!!!

Here is a flag I made for BHW on his trip to South America last year.


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Kelly-Marie said...

Ooohhhh I love you! You are just amazing. Such a lovely and creative idea. I am so excited to see you soon. xxx