Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Getting excited for another big trip.

The anxiety of planning a trip has now led to excitement.  I can now feel the wonderful butterflies in my stomach, fluttering sweetly. The count down can begin. In four weeks time I will fly to England with BHW, where I will kiss goodbye to family and friends, and then head to Nepal to backpack for six months. 
     With only a few things left to get ready for the journey my mind is now left to dream about the adventure that will soon be a reality.  As I research daily for the trip, I find myself saving images that excite me. I thought I would share some of them with you, so you too can dream away about your adventures to come. 

1,Mahareo Khengarji Pragmalji,1879. 2, Darjeeling Limited, Wes Anderson. 3, Ketly, Hiking Poster, 1972. 4. View of Mont Everest 1935.

5. Tim Walker shoot, Vogue. 6. Taj Hotel, 1950s travel sticker

Hampi 2011

 Hampi 2011

Jaipur, 2011

 Pushka 2011

Udaipur, 2011

Myself and BHW have been watching the film 'Darjeeling Limited' on repeat, after a hard days work it reminds us of the magical journey ahead. 

x HMS x


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So, So, So excited for you! xx

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