Thursday, 13 September 2012

Hostel Guide - Monjo -Base Camp Everest Trek

Summit Home - Monjo

The room Rate was $2.50 (the standard rate) with shared bathroom, but hot showers were an extra $3each time you washed. The food was reasonable in price but lacked in flavor. We had two windows in our bedroom which kept it light, and we were provided with plenty of blankets to keep us warm at night. The rooms and bathroom were uncluttered, clean and tidy. The lodge offered a large dining area and had some reading material that you could borrow. I found the Great Gatsby which was a highlight of my stay.


This is the first post dedicated to the places I stay during my travels, which will become a handy guide to the hidden oasis's that are clean and comfy to the bargain buckets and the down right terrible.

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