Monday, 24 September 2012

12 days in Pokhara, Nepal

     Pokhara, Nepal is a town based around an idyllic lake and is an adrenaline-seekers paradise with its trekking, paragliding, and even the world's longest zip line at one's disposal. Moreover, if you are seeking something more spiritual, Pokhara offers all types of Yoga and meditation lessons. It is a perfect place to find peace.
      Johnny and I came to Pokhara to escape the hectic Kathmandu and relax after our mammoth trek to Base Camp Everest. Seeing that our budget was overspent due to the trek, and because the above activities were out of our price range, there was not much more for us to do in Pokhara except grab a comfortable spot by the lakeside, soak up the view and chill. 
      For twelve days we did nothing but relax--it was bliss. Well, we did try one private yoga lesson which was disastrous due to our rather uninterested yoga teacher. The lesson started well, with incense stinks  lit in a shrine dedicated to the instructors God, and some chanting that we all participated in, but then it all went down hill. He requested that we touch our toes to our ears 42 times and then proceeded to make countless telephone calls on his mobile while we jammed our feet into our ears; any spirituality that I was seeking was ruined by the non stop chatter from my so called "spiritual teacher." 
      Apart from our interesting Yoga Lesson, we read, ate--a lot, and soaked up Pokhara's vibes. We actually ate extremely well because we happened to have found a gem of a restaurant called Royven's. If you ever come to Pokhara, find this restaurant! The food is cheap and delicious, plus Sunil, the restaurant's owner, is the most welcoming person. 

Pokhara was an ideal place for us to just watch the world go by and feel at peace. 
Bye, Pokhara.


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Kelly-Marie said...

Oh dear, I bet you were so annoyed! Ha ha I can just imagine. ;-) Oh Hannah I can now see why you were so peaceful here, how can you not be surrounded by so much beauty. xx