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About HMS...

     My Name is HMS and I made this blog to document my travels. My dream is to venture across the world and see as much as I possibly can. I was the head buyer for the world famous vintage clothing store, Beyond Retro, for 6 years, which was my dream job.  But after nearly a decade at the desk, I had had enough. So last year I decided to step away from East London's hectic fashion scene, pack my suitcase (well... it was more like a heavy practical rucksack) and venture out to see the world. 
     I departed London last March (2011), accompanied by my dear and lovely friend Louise, en route to India, the first stop of my great world adventure. 
     India's always been close to my heart.  I first went to the country three years prior, when Beyond Retro sent me on a clothing and accessories buying trip.  I fell in love with its charm the moment I stepped off the plane and promised myself that one day I would return. 
     My dream finally came true when I was able to explore India's enchanted lands on my own time. For six dreamy weeks I immersed myself deep in India's culture, awakening my sleeping soul.
     My travels continued across Nepal, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Bali and the shipwrecked Gilli Islands. This adventure was the most cherished time of my life, and the trip also brought me true love, for I met the beautiful and unique traveler, Bad Heart Wolf. Thus, the trip became not only a dream come true but a life changing event. Returning home to London (Summer 2011), I felt no desire to rest my feet, the road was calling. Again I gathered my rucksack and took off for New York to be with my Badheartwolf.
     I at present travelling across India after hiking the grueling Base Camp Everest trek with BHW. We are not sure where life will take us after this trip, but, I am safe to say it will be an adventure.     

     Always remember, you pave your own path and only you can make your dreams come true. 

Leaving London March 2011

Gilli Islands,  Idonesia 2012

Holi Festival, Udaipur India 2012

HMS and BHW - Koa Lanta, Thailand 2011

“Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves.” — Henry David Thoreau

 x HMS x

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