Saturday, 10 November 2012

Indian Artists

    I have been a terrible blogger this last month, sickness and bad internet got the better of me. But now I am back! And I thought I would start with a blog about a charming day I had in Udaipur, when BHW and me learned the art of Indian painting.  I took the class to learn how to paint in the traditional Indian style because when I go home I want to take these traditions with me and make my own creations using this technique.

(Udaipur was filled with places offering Indian art lessons. We paid $14 dollars for a two-hour lesson, $7 per person and materials included). 



Kelly-Marie said...

You are so amazing, this is such a wonderful thing to do. Both paintings are so beautiful! You will have to pass on the skill to me when you get home, I would love to learn. xxx

Play Angry-Bird Game said...

thanks for shaing