Sunday, 21 October 2012

Lust for Eastern Decadence

       During this trip to India, my love for the traditional Indian dress has reached a new height. The women are beautifully dressed and I find myself endlessly transfixed on their sparkling saris and gem- encrusted jewelry. The women even wash clothes in dirty rivers, milk goats and carry large baskets on their heads while dressed as glamorous as an Eastern princess. These glamour pusses have inspired me to infuse some of their style into my limited travel wardrobe because I have felt rather boring compared to them, and as I have limited space in my rucksack I can't buy anything that is bulky, so jewelry is my best option.  Thus, this week I have bought many Indian head-dresses for myself to add some eastern decadence to my limited outfits. But fear not, I have also brought a fab collection of head-pieces for my Etsy store, which will open February 2013.

Vintage handmade gypsy headpiece

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Kelly-Marie said...

Oh my goodness me I am going to want to buy it all. Hannah these are so amazing. I'm sorry but how could you ever not think yourself a glamour puss? Even in your travelling wardrobe you are a vision. xxx