Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Treasure Shopping

      I was the Head Buyer at Beyond Retro for many years, which meant I had the chance to travel the world finding treasure for their stores. I was often sent to India to purchase new ranges of accessories for our upcoming Summer collections. This was the favorite part of my job because I love hunting for treasures and then seeing them sell on the shop floor. 
     I left Beyond Retro five months ago to pursue my love of travel; however, it seems I can't shake my buyer's eye. So as I eyed up many a shopkeepers' gems and jewels in Nepal, I couldn't help but purchase this antique Tibetan necklace. The necklace I feel brought me some luck as it inspired me to start buying interesting accessories to sell on my Etsy store, which will fund further travelling.
     Over the next few months, while I am in India (I fly to Varanasi September 20th!) I will be hunting out some extraordinary accessories and other eastern delights to sell--but I think I will happily keep hold of this Tibetan necklace, as I think it is rather special. 

        Will keep you all posted on the pieces I buy in India.



Kelly-Marie said...

I am SO excited for this!Also that necklace is dreamy, I definitely do not think you should part with it. You should keep it to remind you of your vision and all the beautiful things you are going to find.
If you find any antique elephant charms I want first dibs please. :-) xxx

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Did you say Etsy store?!! Ooooh take me there!! I found you via Kellie-Maire and I'm utterly enchanted by your life as a traveller and the fact the magpie in you is still alive and kicking:)). I'm following!

HMS said...

KM, I will keep a special eye out for you and alert you when I get things up on Etsy. xx

HMS said...
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HMS said...

I have just become a follower of 'Pull your socks up'. I really like your blog, especially all your wonderful outfits. I am currently sourcing accessories for my Etsy shop, so I will keep you posted on when the shop goes live.