Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Book Log

Harry Potter series - Covers by M.S. Corley for Penguin books 

I had never read Harry Potter, nor watched the films even though many had told me that I simply must. Endlessly my travel companions Louise, Chase and BHW told me that I needed to search for the books on my journey and join the HP revolution. 
     So one fine day under a pink Thailand sunset after a long hunt, I finally entered the world of all things wizardry. I purchased the Philosophers' Stone and in a flash I had finished it. Desperately I looked for the next in the series but Alas all I could find was the third book, and had to wait till I reached Bali to find the second. After Bali I returned home to England and devoured the fourth and fifth and finally completed the magical series in America under a new a gleaming sun. 
     I became enthralled with the world of wizards and witches so much so that they were with me throughout my trip. These enchanting books are ideal for long train journeys, waiting in airports and the days when you just want some wonderful escapism.

Thank you Louise, BHW, Chase and Kelly - Marie for entering me into one magical world.


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Kelly-Marie said...

You are very welcome, so happy you are now part of the magic. Craig has just introduced me to Lord Of the Rings can you believe that I had never gone there before. It felt like HP all over again, totally magical. xxx