Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Snake Babies for Madeleine Watts

Snake Babies for Madeleine Watts

If you had been there you would have freaked
"What the hell'
you would have boarded a boat 
somewhere in Cambodia
to visit a floating village

The ride you would have enjoyed
scenic, waving at kids naked in the water
Then the snake babies would have come
pulling up close to the boat
trying to throw those god dam snakes aboard
"What the hell"

Nowhere to go, waters infested with crocs
Dollar Dollar Dollar
they scream
you scream, the slimy snakes across their tiny bodies
those disturbing snake babies
throw a first full of dollar let get out of here!
"What the hell'

Board a floating cafe
All aboard. Boom Snake!
They want to place it on you
"what the hell'
I need to get of this island, out of these waters
If you could swim you would, but you can't.
"What the hell"

The snake is back in the box
Twenty hungry croc's lurk on deck
I don't trust crocodiles
"What the hell"

So a message to Madeleine Watts
beware of snake babies
cause those tiny terrors
will freak the hell out of you.


Side Note - Madeleine ( she is a champion speller) I am sure will highlight the dyslexic slur to the poem, but hopefully it adds to the charm.

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